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Get your business ready for whatever happens next with 3 top technology priorities

When the pandemic arrived in Australia and staff were required to work from home, some businesses experienced a smooth transition while others were left scrambling to update their technology. Two years down the track, it’s still important for businesses to remain up-to-date with their technology to ensure their operations are agile and stable in uncertain times.

With that in mind, here are our Top 3 technology priorities for Sydney businesses in 2022.

  1. Security continues to be your greatest business threat

We have written many articles on cyber security for a reason. It’s on the rise and Australian small and medium-sized businesses are popular targets. (Read a previous article here.)

Alarmingly, in a global report released in February 2022 by Surfshark, the amount of cybercrime in Australia earns us a top 5 ranking.

With more staff working remotely and increasingly sophisticated scamming technology, it’s important your cyber security systems are up-to-date. One of the services Tresami provides is a network security audit which checks every aspect of your cyber security. We also offer cyber security training to help your staff identify suspicious emails.

To arrange a network security audit for your business, get in touch here.

  1. Hybrid and remote working is here to stay

Pre-COVID, many organisations already had staff working regularly off-site. Now, this type of working arrangement is here to stay. Hybrid workplaces (where staff work from home or remotely several days each week) are common. While this flexibility has advantages, it has created a need for fast and easy access to all files and emails across a variety of devices. Staff also need to be able to collaborate and “meet” with each other like they would in a traditional workplace.

Microsoft Office 365 offers a wide range of options for hybrid business operations of all sizes. The Tresami team will take the time to understand your requirements so we can recommend the most cost-effective and efficient option for you. We’ll also ensure you experience a smooth transition to your new Office 365 plan.

To learn more about Office 365, visit our website here.

  1. Phone systems have moved into the cloud

Remote and hybrid working has made traditional phone systems obsolete because your staff need to be able to take customer calls wherever they are working. Cloud based phone systems allow staff to seamlessly answer calls from their desk, from their car or from their home office. In fact using a cloud-based phone system has made an enormous difference to Tresami operations throughout the pandemic. To learn why, read a past article here. To explore how a cloud-based phone system could assist your business, get in touch.

Robust businesses have robust technology

Having the right IT systems and technologies have given many Sydney businesses a competitive edge throughout the pandemic. So be prepared for whatever happens next. Ask us to conduct an IT Consultation and security audit for your business.

What Our Customers Say

  • Annlyn Motors Volvo are proud partners with Tresami Computer Engineering. Tresami have been looking after all our IT needs for over 15 years. The Tresami Team gives us the confidence in knowing that they are able to attend to all of our IT needs however large or small. I would have no hesitation in recommending their services to any potential clients.


    John Dunn - Annlyn Motors

  • I have worked with Lee and his team for close to 8 years and am always really impressed with their responsiveness and customer service orientation. I can highly recommend them to any small or large business


    Vin Allen - Vivacity Health

  • Working with Tresami means that I do not have to worry about IT systems, upgrades and support. I am confident my business IT will function properly and that my staff can focus on what they do well. I am also confident that I can leave this important aspect of my business to be looked after by someone I trust.


    Tony Merrit - Sydney Clinical Psychology

  • Tresami helped us to control our costs whist maintaining great service and excellent hardware for our business to grow. We have been using Tresami for over 10 years, they have a great team of qualified people who are willing to help. You won’t find nicer people with better real world outcomes that will help your business.


    Anthony Meyer - Bryopin Meats Pty Ltd