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When it comes to your business’ online security, what’s your weakest link?

In a previous blog, we discussed how small and medium-sized Australian businesses are actively being targeted by hackers and their sophisticated tricks. If you missed the blog, you’ll find it here.

But no matter how well your security software protects you, nothing is infallible and people can accidentally give away important information.

That’s why it’s so important you and your staff have the most up-to-date information to keep your business safe.


What makes your business vulnerable?

Cybercrime is a highly lucrative business and the perpetrators are often highly organised groups. Many use social engineering to encourage users to act without thinking so they can obtain financial information, system credentials and other sensitive data.

Most data breaches start with an innocent looking, but malicious email. This is called phishing. Links or attachments in the email will often contain malware that have the power to lock all files on every computer, hard drive and server in your system as well as your cloud storage!

Some phishing emails may have a keystroke logger which can track everything a user types – including passwords.

That’s why it’s so important to ensure you and your staff have the skills and knowledge to recognise a suspicious email before they click or respond.


What’s at stake?

For your business, a cyber-attack can:

  • Steal funds from a business owner’s personal bank account or a business bank account
  • Fake invoices can be received and paid
  • Client and staff information (including personal data) can be infiltrated
  • Operational files and systems can be locked
  • Confidential communications and files can be accessed

The good news is, you can empower your staff and protect your business with a unique security training program that the Tresami team highly recommend.

Called Proofpoint Essentials Security Awareness, you and your staff can learn how to recognise suspect emails and know what actions to take. Each lesson is:

  • Brief
  • Focused
  • Quick (running between 5-15 minutes)
  • Mobile responsive so it can be completed anywhere

Best of all, the information is meaningful and delivered in an interactive format to effectively cater to all learning styles. In addition, the training modules are regularly updated to keep your staff on top of the latest cybercrime tricks and threats.


Cyber insurance premiums are on the rise

To better understand the threats to your business or to learn more about the benefits of upskilling your staff on cyber security, contact Tresami. You may even find this cyber training will help reduce your cyber insurance premiums.

What Our Customers Say

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