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On-call anywhere, anytime with a cloud-based phone system that’s so good, we use it!

It’s an understatement to say COVID-19 is disrupting business – especially during a prolonged lockdown. But from the beginning, it has changed the way many businesses operate. Much of this change is due to remote working or a hybrid of remote and onsite working.

Remote working doesn’t work well for call centres or businesses who handle a large number of calls. In our case, during the national lockdown of 2020, our customers were ringing reception. They were then transferred to one of our customer support team members who were using their personal mobile phones to take business calls.

It really wasn’t satisfactory so I wanted to find a better solution.

Luckily for me, I’d started transferring our old phone system into a new cloud-based one just as the big Sydney lockdown began. It’s called 3CX and has transformed our business. That’s why I want to tell you about it.

7 Benefits of 3CX cloud phone systems

Here are my 7 favourite features of 3CX

Benefit 1:  It’s so flexible we can roll it out to sole operators or large organisations and it will scale easily as a business grows.

Benefit 2:  Staff can work remotely anywhere there is internet access because 3CX operates from their computer or laptop. All they need to do is plug in their headset.

Benefit 3:  We can integrate the system with our CRM so we know who is calling. If I wish, I can even monitor the duration of customer calls and which staff members are available to take the next incoming call.

Benefit 4:  From a client’s perspective, it’s like we are sitting in the office. The whole thing is absolutely seamless.

Benefit 5:  My team can use their personal mobiles to call customers without disclosing their private phone number.

Benefit 6:  For customers who rely on Facebook marketing, they can answer Facebook enquiries faster as well as transfer chats to their most qualified team members.

Benefit 7:  The 3CX phone system is great for customers with multiple locations because their entire operation only requires one phone system. And, it’s not just for phone calls. 3CX also provides web conferencing and live chat.

Authorised suppliers for 3CX Now that you know we are raving fans of the 3CX cloud-based phone system, we’re also happy to share that we are Certified Providers and Authorised Suppliers of 3CX. If you think a cloud-based phone system may be useful for your business, or if you have any questions about how we integrated 3CX into our operations, get in touch.

What Our Customers Say

  • Annlyn Motors Volvo are proud partners with Tresami Computer Engineering. Tresami have been looking after all our IT needs for over 15 years. The Tresami Team gives us the confidence in knowing that they are able to attend to all of our IT needs however large or small. I would have no hesitation in recommending their services to any potential clients.


    John Dunn - Annlyn Motors

  • I have worked with Lee and his team for close to 8 years and am always really impressed with their responsiveness and customer service orientation. I can highly recommend them to any small or large business


    Vin Allen - Vivacity Health

  • Working with Tresami means that I do not have to worry about IT systems, upgrades and support. I am confident my business IT will function properly and that my staff can focus on what they do well. I am also confident that I can leave this important aspect of my business to be looked after by someone I trust.


    Tony Merrit - Sydney Clinical Psychology

  • Tresami helped us to control our costs whist maintaining great service and excellent hardware for our business to grow. We have been using Tresami for over 10 years, they have a great team of qualified people who are willing to help. You won’t find nicer people with better real world outcomes that will help your business.


    Anthony Meyer - Bryopin Meats Pty Ltd